About the Field Pond Watershed Association

This group was started by Mike and Sue Tucker at a meeting on 5 April 2008 in order to gather people interested in Field Pond to meet with James Straub, of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Jim explained to the group that the state, which owns the pond, is committed to the long-term care of the pond... but wants to make sure that there is a supportive community of "Friends" who will also commit to that care. The group agreed to that support, and the FPWA was born.

The FPWA is not a formal organization - it isn't incorporated, there's no budget, no office or officers, no regular meetings, and not even a list of official members. It is only a group of people who share a common interest: the long term care of Field Pond.

Anyone can 'join' - just send an email to: info (at) fieldpond (dot) org and you will be added to the list of friends and we'll keep you posted... but all of the important news will be here on this site - so check back often!

The immediate concern of the FPWA is the threat that invasive plant species pose. These Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) grow out of control, and can take over a small pond like Field Pond if they are not managed. To this end, Jim described the use of a chemical called fluridone made by a company called SePRO under the trade name Sonar. (http://www.sepro.com/default.php?page=sonar) More about this treatment and the use of it on Field Pond will be posted to the website soon.