The pond has been treated!

On 23 June I heard what sounded like a small aircraft buzzing the pond and went out to see what the commotion was. This Pather Airboat was zipping across the pond side-to-side, spraying down the treatment that Jim Straub described for getting rid of the weeds. I think he said that these two guys are the only authorized treatment specialists in the state.

State to treat pond on 23 June

Mike Tucker has received notice from the state that they are going to treat the pond on 23 June. Here is the treatment contractor's report which explains the treatment in detail.

Field Pond... without the pondl!

Mike Tucker found this great slide (click for large image) he took of Field Pond after it had been drained once to recover fish. Mike wrote: "We also had a severe leakage problem one year and the pond almost dried up on its own but Sue had them look into the problem and they fixed it to a degree.

Field Pond watershed... defined

Jim Straub (Mass DCR - Lakes and Ponds Program Coordinator) told us at the meeting: "The first step in creating an Environmental Management Plan for the Field Pond watershed is to define the watershed". To that end, my son Dave and I used a topo map and aerial views of the area to delineate 'the divide'. We then walked around it and made sure that we had the line in the right place. The results are here.

FPWA Website Created!

Here's the new website of the new Field Pond Watershed Association! Not much here yet, but check back over the next few months as stuff is added. We'll be developing 'The Plan', so please let us know if you're interested in taking part in it's evolution. Of course, you'll be able to see the status of it at any point by just coming to the website. Everything that matters will be posted here.

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